Thursday, August 12, 2010

episode 14: revisiting flight smulator

Continuing to write, right after I published ep13, we already have ep14 ready.
Kevin happend to be in my server, which added some interesting twists. We hear 3 iPod touch apps as a bonus.
The main idea of the podcast though is to demonstrate how does an entire flight sound like, from take off to landing. You will hear about the 2 previous attempts, as well as an... interesting audio excerpt from the 2nd one, which cut the podcast from an hour to about 10 minutes. that's why I didn't publish it in the entirety.
I had fs passengers set to 100 percent failures each flight, and seeing nothing happend durring a relatively safe take-off, I relaxed. then at about 19000 feet we had a decompression which thrown in some interesting twists, such as flying at low altitudes.
Being this kind of brave person, and a blind one at that I landed successfully at our destination, as i wasn't aware what was under us. all I wanted to happen was to crash into a tree.
So get something to drink, buckle up and
get pmcast14.ogg for your self and your ears!

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