Sunday, September 12, 2010

Episode 17: Pm's reviews 3

So, for my crazyness about posting apple things, pm's reviews takes a look at the iPod touch. I show voice control, talk about things, I even play a clip from when I was unpacking the unit!
I also demonstrate a few apps, ferrari sound, aurifi, zany touch, ping pong, and light saber.
The whole thing is about 1 minutes.
download pmcast17.ogg

episode 16: Apples, apples, apples and more apples! part 2

Last time, I promiced an iTunes podcast. tis was on my hd, collecting dust, and I finally decided to upload this. Best as I can, I go over iTunes and show you around. which does not mean I'm a guru!
download pmcast16.ogg

Friday, August 20, 2010

episode 15: apples, apples, apples and more apples!

This random here title opens a new chapter in my history. I, got, my iPod touch. in this podcast I first show what a beginner should know or may be interested in, then I show a few random apps.
At the beginning you hear a very random kind of twaudio I did yesterday about the st speech synth, reviewed in episode5. I exploited another crash. but that's borring! join me and my buzzy speakers, mike handling noises, the all mighty mister beep, and others as I take you on a wild ride through the world of the iOS in

Thursday, August 12, 2010

episode 14: revisiting flight smulator

Continuing to write, right after I published ep13, we already have ep14 ready.
Kevin happend to be in my server, which added some interesting twists. We hear 3 iPod touch apps as a bonus.
The main idea of the podcast though is to demonstrate how does an entire flight sound like, from take off to landing. You will hear about the 2 previous attempts, as well as an... interesting audio excerpt from the 2nd one, which cut the podcast from an hour to about 10 minutes. that's why I didn't publish it in the entirety.
I had fs passengers set to 100 percent failures each flight, and seeing nothing happend durring a relatively safe take-off, I relaxed. then at about 19000 feet we had a decompression which thrown in some interesting twists, such as flying at low altitudes.
Being this kind of brave person, and a blind one at that I landed successfully at our destination, as i wasn't aware what was under us. all I wanted to happen was to crash into a tree.
So get something to drink, buckle up and
get pmcast14.ogg for your self and your ears!

Episode 13: Pm's reviews 2

Good day to you listeners!
Another submition for pm's reviews is out. this time, neospeech paul does the talking as I'm lazy. though it doesn't mean I don't show up
Today we review sound works, an old cd from 1993. btw, there are better ones from 92, so if you try and say it sucks before i'ts old, no, there are ones that don't suck
grab pmcast13.ogg now

Thursday, July 29, 2010

episode 12: PM's reviews 1st installment

So I've decided that I should review games. don't think the blind community ever had an actual full blown review where you can hear the game and get an overall opinion from the reviewer. truthfully shitloads of that stuff are floating around on Youtube and where ever else, so...
For this first and I bet ruff review, I am going to review an older game, alien invasion, by code factory. I am not going to focus purely on audio games though, that'd get too borring. I hope I can review you don't know jack in the future, that's another fun game, and no, it wasn't made for the blind, but still it is accessible and it'd get a higher rating then a.i but I didn't think of that at the time.
Get ready for some humor, weird comments and other weird things!
get pmcast12.ogg from this link

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a little announcement

Hi there, this is Peter Mahach, the dude behind PMCast!
Ok guys, this is not an episode this time, and pmcast isn't going anywhere, how ever.
Due to the lack of space on my dropbox I have decided to convert all episodes to .ogg. this means they are much smaller in size. however the format is not as common as mp3 and podcatchers may break. I know some of you may find the switch inconvenient, but it was either this or no more episodes in the future.
A lot of episodes that have been recorded with Kevin and sometimes even Bryan can be found in kevin's The random ramblings of pointlessness podcast found at
There is also a podcast(s) perhaps that I helped with that aren't here, such as the awesome gameboy advance review starting from his phizical unit moving to emulation on the pc an hitting a nearly 1 hour exactly mark!