Monday, April 19, 2010

episode 5: TS Speech

This episode is epic because of 3 things.
1. we have a brand new jingle, which will proudly be before each episode, this one being the first to have it. you will never forget where we are, now!
2. kevin didn't participate in this one. which means it wasn't a random ramblings of pointlessness episode. This made the PMCast catch up. now both podcasts have 5 episodes!
3. Demonstrated is a very old synthesizer from 1986 running in a dos window. loves to crash, has glitching abilities just like the speak and spell, and just sounds all freaky and fwoofy! we finish with a faik, unedited attempt at peter trying to simulate talking with the thing, as if it was some sort of AI.
Download pmcast5.ogg

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