Sunday, May 9, 2010

episode 6: the Nintendo 64

in 1996, nintendo came up with their 64 console. this was the second most talked about thing in game world and in shows such as UK's bad influenceafter the sony playstation, released a year earlier. it's sad that BI ended in 95, so other than behind the scenes stuff they shown actual games, etc, were not reviewed. which, of course, doesn't mean it was the day when earth stopped turning, cats stopped meowing and schools closed for ever.
That said, in this podcast, me and kevin review playing n64 games on the pc. Most of all, we demonstrate project 64 (an accessible and, mostly, stable emulator). we cover working with the program's cheats capability. We also demonstrate a place from where you can obtain free roms and how to make p64 notice them after your collection updated.
And, of course, we review quite a few games.

  • We cover golden nuggat 64, a casino pack which is very accessible!,

  • We feature G.A.S.P fighters, some sort of fighting game with an unusual timer added into the mix,

  • Ready2Rumble! round 2 (a boxing game),

  • Wheel of fortune,

  • mortal kombat 4,

  • and super mario64.

Also, Peter manages to make a workaround so that both teh mic and the computer sounds are recorded. which means you get full stereo and no echo or unclear sound, as speakers aren't used. everything is recorded directly, so enjoy!
download pmcast6.ogg

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