Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a little announcement

Hi there, this is Peter Mahach, the dude behind PMCast!
Ok guys, this is not an episode this time, and pmcast isn't going anywhere, how ever.
Due to the lack of space on my dropbox I have decided to convert all episodes to .ogg. this means they are much smaller in size. however the format is not as common as mp3 and podcatchers may break. I know some of you may find the switch inconvenient, but it was either this or no more episodes in the future.
A lot of episodes that have been recorded with Kevin and sometimes even Bryan can be found in kevin's The random ramblings of pointlessness podcast found at
There is also a podcast(s) perhaps that I helped with that aren't here, such as the awesome gameboy advance review starting from his phizical unit moving to emulation on the pc an hitting a nearly 1 hour exactly mark!

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