Friday, May 14, 2010

episode 8: delicious own-made dessert

in this episode, not only you meat my ca, leave my room, but you also see 2 other rooms and hear a glimps of the. rainy today, outside!
anyway, Once I failed when mixing milk with dry chocolate to make something close to a shake you can get from mcdonald and all this awesome cream popped up. and it was yummy! so here I demonstrate how to make it, as well as let my cat out. finally, we join with kevin outside and talk while I finish the prepared dessert.
here is all you'll need:

  • a cup, necessary. unless, you want to mix milk from your table. sure, I don't mind.

  • a spoom (not a fork as that was what I said in the podcast) to take out the dry chocolate. though you can use other means.

  • dry chocolate. not needed if you don't like it or you simply don't want it

  • milk. that's mandatory!

  • one of these small portable blender thingies that have a handle with some sort of on button or a button you hold down to make it work. these are usually battery operated and they have a longish small pipe with something on the end that does the actual mixing. you could use a big blender, if you have elephant visitors.

  • 5 minutes, or less.

and never never ever go out at 2 in the morning and make it. first, you'll probably drop something and you'll get freaked out. and not to mension you'll get fat, if you use dry chocolate that is.
instructions are provided in the podcast, though I'll rewrite them here.

  1. take out everything

  2. pour milk into the cup.

  3. drop in some a s of dry chocolate. I guess you could use more if you really want a very chocolate taisting result.

  4. insert the device thing and activate it. note the batteries should be new, otherwise it won't work right

  5. work your way from the bottom of the cup upward. if you don't hear any splashing and the device is at low power move it up until it revs up and begins to splash. do that until you feel the result hitting your hand, or quicker.

  6. enjoy!


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