Monday, May 31, 2010

episode 10: Who wants to be a millionaire second edition, part 2.

In episode 2, we've discussed a fully accessible pc game called who wants to be a millionaire 2nd edition. Today, we follow up and show you that playing it multi player is even more fun!
Thanks to teamtalk, Me, Kevin Weispfennig and Bryan Mckinnish sit down at a head2head game. the goal of this, who ever gets fardest wins. so we started off with 3 people. when ever someone gave a wrong answer they were out of the game.. and so it happend until everyone either lost or got the big 1000000 1 dollar bills. How will this game go? Find out!
Note, there are some references to someone named aubrey at the beginning and other partsss. this is a guy from youtube who just loves to play game show games. I was thinking of showing him this audio file, but did not get to it. or will I ever? dout it.
download mpcast10.ogg

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