Tuesday, July 20, 2010

episode 11: flight simulator, blind pilots and crazy heads

Microsoft flight simulator was known to blind people for quite a while now.
No wonder. it's one of these complicated but fun things. Blind people can't fly in rl but considering that there are computer simulations for almost anything these days....
In this podcast, I show you a boing 747 in fs 2004 with a nice soundpack from turbine sound studios, wih fs navigator as I can't get it's your plane to install. after making a nice successful takeoff, just when everyone thinks it'll be a smooth flight I delibretly shut down all engins in sequence. you can hear the auto pilot throttle up the remaining ones as it compensates as well as the whines as they power down. and of course then the plane goes into a crazy freefall, complete with epic sfx. 10000 feet down in 15 seconds. you don't hear that often. not to mention there was a thunderstorm and kevin sat down next to me as the announcer.
So buckle up, relax and...
download pmcast11.ogg now

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